Andrew Eade requests an Extraordinary Meeting to discuss Planning Issues.

The Conservatives on Telford & Wrekin Council have requested an extraordinary meeting of the Borough of Telford & Wrekin Council to be held to allow an urgent debate on the implications of the Authorities lack of up to date planning policies following Inspector David Wildsmith’s decision on the Haygate Road, Wellington Planning Appeal.

 In particular;

  1. The decision which the Administration will now need to make on a High Court Challenge.
  2. The high cost implications and risk to the Council of pursuing such an action (The Newport challenge cost the Authority £1.4m).
  3. The free for all development and lack of planning protection for the Borough, which will follow any lack of challenge (or an unsuccessful challenge) would have a severe impact.
  4. The over provision of housing figures in the Borough.
  5. The Authorities flouting of its own planning policies which has contributed to the current position.
  6. The failure of the Administration to have an adopted Plan and policies in place after five years in administration.


The item of business to read: -

“This Council notes with concern the Authority’s failure to have an adopted Plan in place after 5 years of the current administration and its subsequent failure to protect the Borough from unwanted Development.

 It further notes with huge concern the financial cost and risks the Administration now faces in mounting a legal challenge to try and rectify its own failings. It also notes the current implications of the Council not being able to resist or control unwanted development across the Borough and the dire effect this will have on our communities and open countryside.”

 Consequently this Council declares its lack of confidence in the relevant Cabinet Member and Leader to make such a decision in isolation and resolves that a full report on the risks and implications are brought before Full Council for a collective decision.