Andrew Eade, T&W Conservative Group Leader, questions local Labour's priorities.

Telford & Wrekin Council’s Conservative Leader Andrew Eade has called into question the wisdom of the Labour Council’s great cash give away at a time when it is threatening to hike up Council tax by 3.9%, threatening to close libraries and has brought about the highest borrowing and debt that the Authority has ever seen.

 Councillor Eade said “It is baffling how Telford & Wrekin’s Labour Councillors can claim to be cash strapped and then offer to give a Parish Council £100k to reopen a derelict pub as part of a great £1M giveaway.

 “Despite having this money to burn they are now threatening to shut down our library service in the borough, a shameful proposal   and totally unnecessary.

 The handful of Councillor’s responsible for running our Borough Council clearly do not seem able to grasp the job in front of them. They have managed to increase Council borrowing to frightening levels standing at more than £3,600 per household and produced the biggest debt the Council has ever seen. Now it seems they intend to increase Council tax by 3.9% to pay for it all.”