Fly tipping in Newport is a blight on countryside - bring back free collections!

Following again more reports of fly tipping of waste in Newport, Councillor Tim Nelson has spoken out about the plight of the issue and what should be done. 

Speaking on hearing the case of another fly tip in Lilleshall Cllr Nelson stated:

"We would need to see the objective facts, but anecdotally, there has been a clear increase in fly tipping in Newport, since the spiteful and counterproductive closure of Newport’s well used recycling centre. Your Conservative Councillors called for Newport's recycling facility to be restored, which fell on deaf ears in Labour led T&W. 

While we condemn the antisocial and illegal act of fly tipping, it seems common sense that if you make it harder for people to dispose of rubbish, then the system is more open to abuse.

Some may say its was cynical in the extreme to coincide the strictly time limited 'free' bulk collection for Newport residents with the last Borough election, it is not hard to conclude that this may have been an electoral ploy to support one candidate - which was paid for by all T&W taxpayers. 

I call on T&W Council to restore free bulk collections for the residents of Newport and neighbours to counteract this issue, let’s see if I am heard!"

On the specific cases around Lilleshall Group Leader Councillor Andrew Eade added:

"Fly tipping around Church Aston and Lilleshall has not been helped by T&W Council cancelling the proposed new recycling centre at Newport and then closing the old facility. 

However, that is no excuse at all for fly tipping which is becoming a real anti social problem in our rural areas. It is about time that the Council treated this as a priority and seriously considered the use of camera's in known hotspots. It would also save the Council and private land owners a considerable amount of money that is wasted cleaning up after others.

I would urge all members of the community to watch out for others dumping their rubbish or refuse and, if we can identify perpetrators in any way at all, I will personally chase the borough Council to secure a prosecution"


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