Labour landlord licensing proposals could stigmatise communities

Conservative Councillors have raised concerns over the Labour administration's proposals to create a licensing regime for only some areas of Telford & Wrekin. Many areas of the license are already covered in law, and there is a potential of 'black listing' areas which will be of the detriment to local residents.

Speaking on the proposals Deputy Conservative Group leader Nigel Dugmore stated:

"This is just an income generation scheme. How does it fit in with the 
Telford and Wrekin Councils principles of fairness and honesty?  Why 
should a landlord with one property pay the same as Wrekin Housing 
Trust with hundreds of properties? How can a landlord be responsible 
for anti-social behaviour? Don't individuals have to take 
responsibility for themselves? 
Using the excuse of fly-tipping levels is ridiculous as people do not 
fly-tip on their own doorstep.
Landlords that do not comply with the law can be prosecuted, why are 
landlords being charged for complying with the law?"

Councillor Nicola Lowery also raised concerns saying:

“Whilst I support the sentiment to ensure well-managed and well maintained accommodation, I have concerns surrounding creating designated zones and if landlords should be held responsible as the costs will likely be passed on to the tenant.

I am greatly in favor of improving standards and ensuring that properties are managed in a satisfactory way   However, this licensing scheme runs the risk of punishing good, responsible landlords and of not improving the standards of privately rented homes as there are already existing laws in place to regulate these matters.  

I therefore encourage all residents and landlords to submit their comments as part of the consultation to ensure the Council fully understand the impact of introducing designated areas and if landlords feel as though this will help them address the problems or simply result in landlords avoiding purchasing properties in the designation zone, which will negatively impact house prices and our communities”.