Northumbria style stand alone Emergency Care Unit was not considered by Future Fit.

Andrew Eade disputes that the Future Fit Option Appraisal Process considered the Northumbria model before dismissing it. 

Having searched the Board's website he could find no mention of it and further investigation has been made by David Sandbach ( former CEO at PRH) who supports this and his report is attached.

His report also covers the issue of staffing which is at variance to what has been said.

He says, "Unfortunately the Future Fit Board, CCGs and the SaTH Board have not yet fully grasped the concept of what an integrated health service is or what one looks like.

The principle focus of these NHS organisations is and has been for the past four years, an obsession with hospital reconfiguration and not much else. Recently they have had some vague ideas about virtual beds, GPs taking on work currently done in hospital plus fanciful dreams about closing community hospital beds against a National policy backdrop of care closer to home."

Please read the attached report to understand the issues involved.




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