Telford & Wrekin Borough Council – full council Meeting 14th July ‘16

Conservative questions to Richard Overton at Full Council. 

Andrew Eade, Leader of the Conservative Group, formally asked the questions listed below two weeks ago to enable a response at Full Council and still Deputy Leader Richard Overton could not answer them!

This affects 100's of buyers in new developments across the Borough and is a scandal that the Labour administration is doing nothing about!!

 “The Council has received substantial funds from New Homes Bonus and Council Tax from properties and residents from new housing developments across the Borough.

As landscape and management of these developments is often provided by separate companies for a time limited period can Cllr. Overton provide an answer to the following questions: -

 1.     What is the total value of Council tax and New Homes Bonus received from developments which have management companies in charge of infrastructure maintenance?

 2.     What sums of money have been put aside to adopt roads, footpaths, landscape, car parks and lighting etc. when the term of private maintenance agreements expire?

 3.     What assessments have been undertaken to ascertain likely expenditure on infrastructure items to bring them to a standard where the council can adopt them? 

 4.     Where Management Plans are specified as a condition of planning approval, what work is undertaken to ensure that Management Plans are approved and in place before any development takes place?

 5.     Has the council exercise due diligence by looking at alternative means of maintaining new estates?

 6.     Telford and Wrekin Council have been aware of potential and future problems with the above issues for over two years. What have they done in that time to protect and give advice to vulnerable first time buyers on future implications of adoption, or non-adoption of infrastructure and maintenance?

 7.     Will the Cabinet Member tell us what measures will be taken in future to warn or protect residents in the Borough from the implications of such schemes.

 8.     Does the Cabinet member agree with me that such schemes are no more than a two tiered Council tax system and that the Council is providing a limited service for residents in return for full Council tax payments by residents?”

Answers are still awaited after two weeks, what on earth is going on...?