Cllr Tim Nelson supports bike safety for Newport

Councillor Tim Nelson, Newport North and West ward, shows his support for the police 'Operation Triumph', designed to keep bikers and other road users safe on Shropshire's roads this summer, and particularly the A41 past Newport. 

"As a life long motorcyclist and Triumph owner, Operation Triumph really struck a chord with me. Motorcycle serious accidents, and, sadly, deaths, form much too high a proportion of road accidents and casualties in total. Motorcyclists are intrinsically vulnerable and if you couple speed and busy roads, accidents can and will happen. So the police message is clear and I completely agree,  learn to ride safely and skillfully, be courteous to other road users and cautious at all times. Riding a big bike is an awesome thrill, and you feel the freedom of the open road like no other way: but not at the expense of your life or someone else's. Enjoy your riding this summer, the A41 is a great road, but think about noise, think about your speed and respect the limits, and above all be safe"