Excellent evening dinner with Mark Pritchard

Wellington Branch held an Autumn Dinner with Mark Pritchard as speaker last night.

He spoke about concerns with Future Fit but pointed out the huge amount of money that will be available once it is settled.

He had to rush back to Westminster for the Saturday Sitting.

Tories pledge to hold Labour to account on Borough Council

Conservative run councils on the whole charge residents less council tax than Labour run councils, on average £100 less on D band properties.

In the eight years since Labour regained power from the conservatives in 2011 they have racked up borrowing from £95 million to £365 million.

Voting Comparison 2015 & 2019 Local Election

Telford & Wrekin voting number comparison of 2015 and 2019.

The votes of both party's fell away and Conservatives more so than Labour, which is why Labour won, it was not because of a positive vote for Labour.

Parish Council Elections 2019

Newport Town Council Conservatives

Newport North - Susan Bailey and Bill Harper

Newport West - Jeremy Good

Newport South - Jonathan Dix and Tim Nelson


Wellington Town Council

Ercall - Sylvia Hall, Miles Hosken and Dorothy Roberts

Borough Council elections 2019

The following Conservatives have been elected to Telford & Wrekin Borough Council


Admaston - Terry Kiernan

Church Aston - Andrew Eade

Edgmond - Steve Bentley and Stephen Burrell

Ercall - Miles Hosken