Full T&W Borough meeting tomorrow.

The Borough Council's full council meeting will take place on 9th July '15 at 6.30pm at the Whitehouse Hotel, Wellington.  Attendence at this, and all public meetings, is free - anyone can attend.

Motion 1.

Andrew Eade will move:-

This Council notes with concern the proposed changes to bus routes announced by Arriva and condemns their lack of proper consultation and consideration of community needs in Telford and Wrekin. This council therefore resolves to press Arriva for an extension to the current 19th of July deadline in order for the Company to gather views, allow proper consideration and reflection on the impact which their current actions will inflict on our community.

This Council further resolves to act on behalf of the Community and challenge Arriva’s decision if proper consultation and consideration does not take place

The motion will be seconded by Councillor S Bentley


Motion 2.

Eric Carter will move:-

This council notes with regret the previous Administration’s decision to close the well-used recycling centre at Newport, while at the same time granting planning permission for over a thousand new houses in the town. Consequently, this Council requests that the Administration works with the community to provide a new facility in this part of the Borough.

The motion will be seconded by Councillor T Nelson