Telford & Wrekin Borough Meeting Report

At Last night’s Borough Council meeting, of nearly 4 hours, the level of debate on the Labour side sank to the level of the playground with every argument descending to who said what to who in years past.

 Cllr Shaun Davies repeated that Pride awards already made would be at threat under the Conservatives – Not True.

 Although Liberal Democrat Bill Tomlinson spoke against the Labour budget he and the rest of the LibDems and Independents voted for it.

 Bill McClements admitted that the ‘Tory Palace’ slogan was in fact a ‘Political Slogan’ and was unable to justify his figures. 

 Labour repeated the lie that the Conservatives want to merge with Shropshire.  This is not true, they clearly do not understand the concept of co-operative working in selected areas to save money – that is not merger.  They think that if repeated often enough, even though it is not true, people will believe them, afterall it worked last time, – just another fabricated ‘political slogan’.

 It was a long meeting and Labour presented an unedifying spectacle of political debate hardly worthy of those voted into public office.