Conservatives hold Labour Administration to Account

The Conservative Borough Councillors had a busy evening holding the Labour Administration to account with a series of questions at the Borough Full Council Meeting on 16th July ‘20



Questions asked by Councillor Andrew Eade

  1. Single Status – This is the money set aside for Equal pay, it currently stands at £12m and Labour want to use £3m, when the Finance officer has recommended that they don’t use more than £1m. (See attachment for full details.)

Response - No answer and the Finance Cabinet member was not allowed to answer.


  1. The LEP ( Local Enterprise Partnership) has  £27m it has not spent which now goes back to the government. Andrew wanted to know why the council had no plan ready to use this money. (See Attachment for full details)

Response -No answer



Questions asked by councillor Dugmore

  1. Since the green network was established, how many sites have been designated green network, how many of these sites have had planning applications passed which reduce their area and how many sites have been removed from the green network altogether?

Response - No answer



  1. Recent social media posts from the leadership state that Telford and Wrekin Council established a policy to only discharge patients from hospital to a care home after being tested for Covid19. From what date was this policy implemented and how was it communicated to stakeholders i.e. Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group, hospital management and to care home management. 

No policy available



Question asked by Councillor Veronica Fletcher

Councillor Veronica Fletcher – Sustainable housing, her concern is that newly built houses have very little amenity space and no room for extensions. 

Response- Taken as a submission to housing Strategy Review.


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